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GR DIGITAL IV : About the Interval Composite mode (SCENE mode).

This mode takes consecutive pictures with a set interval. The bright parts of the pictures taken in the interval shooting are synthesized to create a single composite image. This mode is useful for capturing the trail of stars and the moon etc.
The original images can be saved with [Save Interval Composite Img.] option.

Interval Composite mode example
Interval Composite mode example

Operation procedures

  • 1 Mount the camera on a tripod.
  • 2 Turn the mode dial to [M], adjust apreture, shutter speed, ISO, White balance, focus mode, and compose framing.

    M mode
    Exposure is retained at this point and composition are made.

  • 3 Turn the mode dial to [SCENE].

    SCENE mode

  • 4 Press the MENU/OK button to show the scene mode selection, and set the [Interval Composite] scene mode.

    Inteval composite scene mode
    Settings that are adjusted in [M] mode (in the step 2 above) are used.

  • 5 Press the [Fn1] button, and Down button to go to the [Shooting] menu. Using the directional pad up down, set the option for [Interval Composite Time] and [Save Interval Composite Img.].
  • Interval Composite Time Set the shooting interval between 1 second and 1 hour for the interval composite shooting.
    Set the interval longer than the shutter speed.
    Save Interval Composite Img. Select an option for saving images in the interval composite shooting.
    • [Off] : Save a composite image only.
    • [Save Each Image] : Saves original pictures seperately from a composite image.
    • [Saving Image] : Saves images at each synthesis.
  • 6 Start shooting. Press the shtter release button all the way down. Photographs will be taken automatically at the selected interval.
    • To confirm the image in process ; press the shutter release button halfway. You will be able to view the composing image without stop the shooting.
    • To reset the composition ; press the shutter release button all the way down. Consective pictures are composited and saved at the point, and then start another Interval Composite shooting.
  • 7 Press the MENU/OK button to end shooting. The composed pictures will be saved.


  • The following mode cannot be used in the Interval Composite scene mode.
    • Flash
    • Digital zoom
  • If the MENU/OK button is pressed while image synthesis is in process, the image will not be synthesized.


  • The values for the first shot are applied to the following settings of the succeeding shots.
    • [Auto] or [Auto-Hi] for [ISO Setting]
    • [Auto] for [White Balance]
  • AF works at the first shot only.
  • Self-Timer is avilable for the first shot only.
  • For capturing the trails of stars, the following settings are recommended.
    [Focus] - ∞ (infinity); [Interval Composite Time] - 1 second.
  • Confirm that a star is displayed in a dot in a test shot. The dots will create a star trial when images are synthesized.
  • GV-1 / GV-2 (optional external viewfinder) will be useful when shooting under low light condition.
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