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GR DIGITAL IV : What are SCENE modes?

Scene mode allows you to select from 4 type of modes, and shoot with settings automatically optimized for the shooting condtions.

scene mode

Scene modes

Symbol Mode Description
Dynamic Range Dynamic Range Choose for natural contrast when photographing subjects that are partly in the shade on a sunny day and other high-contrast scenes.
Interval Composite Interval Composite Synthesizes the bright parts of images which are taken in the interval shooting. This mode is useful for capturing the trail of stars and the moon etc.
Skew Correct Mode Skew Correct Mode Use to straighten a rectangular object, such as a message board or business card, that has been shot at an angle. This mode makes it look as if the picture has been shot squarely.
Skew Correct Mode
In Skew correction mode, choose from [ 1M4:3F] or [ VGA4:3F] for [Picture Quality/Size].
Movie Movie Shoot movies with sound. The movie are recorded as the AVI file.

Scene mode selection

Press the MENU/OK button to show the scene mode selection screen below. Use Up or Down to select the desired scene mode, and press the [MENU/OK] button.

Scene mode selection

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