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GR DIGITAL IV : About the GL-1 (optional metal lens cap).

GL-1 is the optional metal lens cap.
The camera has the power lock function for the GL-1 usage. When the GL-1 is attached, the camera will not start up even if the power button is pressed.

For the GL-1 usage, remove the ring cap of the camera, and then attach the GL-1.


Note [Note]
  • The GC-3 / GC-4 (optional soft case) cannot be used when the GL-1 is attached.
  • GL-1 cannot be used with GR DIGITAL, and GR DIGITAL II.
  • GL-1 can be used with the GR DIGITAL III. (Required the firmware update version 2.50)
  • GR DIGITAL III firmware downloads

GR DIGITAL IV white edition package includes the GL-1 in white color.
However, the optional GL-1 is black color only, no optional GL-1 in white color.
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Date created: November 14, 2011
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