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GR DIGITAL IV : About [Fn Button Pair Setting].

Originally, a function can be assigned to the Fn1 button or the Fn2 button. Pressing the button can switch the assigned function quickly.
The [Fn Button Pair Setting] can be registered as a pair of Fn button assignments up to 4 pairs, from [Fn Pair Setting 1] to [Fn Pair Setting 4]. The usage of this function is as follows.

How to use

Assigns a pair of settings to Fn button Pair setting in advance.

Fn button pair [1]

1. When 'the functions currently assigned to Fn buttons' are displayed *;

* It will be displayed when the camera is turned on, the mode dial is rotated, or Up button button is pressed.

Up button + Up-down dial

2. Rotates the Up-down dial while pressing Up button button.

Fn button pair [1]

3. It can be switched between pairs of settings from Fn Pair Setting [1] to Fn Pair Setting [4].
* This function is not available in MF (manual focus) for focus mode.

Fn button Pair Setting is located; [Key Custom Options] > [Fn Button Pair Setting].

Fn button Pair Setting   Key Custom

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