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GR DIGITAL IV : About the Tilt indicator (Level Setting).

Tilt indicator can be displayed in the screen. The camera can detect tilt not only for horizontal direction, but also for front-back direction.

Operation procedures

  • 1 Press and hold the DISP. button until the level setting options are displayed.

    DISP. button

  • 2 Choose an option below and press the MENU/OK button.
  • Indicator settings Options Descriptions
    indicator Off Tilt indicator not displayed.
    Level + Tilt Displays the tilt and level indicator at the bottom of the screen (default).
    Level Displays the tilt indicator at the bottom of the screen.
    Level + Sound Displays the tilt indicator at the bottom of the screen, and a beep sounds at a regular interval when the camera is level.
    Sound A beep sounds at a regular interval when the camera is level. The tilt indicator is not displayed in the screen.
  • 3 The tilt indicator will be displayed like below.

    Tilt indicator in the screen

  • 3 Tilt for the horizontal direction will be appeared in the vertical line, and tilt for front-back diretion will be appeared in horizontal line. Tilting will appear in yellow, camera level will appear in green like below.

    Tilt indicator example


  • The Tilt indicator is available only when the display mode is either Indicators display, or Indicator + Histogram display.
  • The tilt indicator setting is also available in the Setup menu > [Level Setting]. In the Setup menu, the [Level (Tilt) Calibration] setting is available too. This option allows the camera remember the current front-back direction as base.
  • When Volume Settings is set to [Off] in the Setup menu, a beep does not sound even if the level sound function is set.


  • The tilt indicator will not work when the camera is upsidedown, movies are being recorded, or in the interval shooting.
  • When the camera is in motion or you are shooting on a vehicle or other moving platform, level accuracy will be decreased.
  • Use the tilt indicator function as a guide only. Accuracy will not be guaranteed when the camera itself is used as spirit level or in other applications in which a high degree of precision in required.
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