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GR DIGITAL IV : About specifications on BJ-6, battery charger.

This is the battery charger for DB-65, DB-60, rechargeable battery.

BJ-6 specifications

Power supply AC 110 V - 240 V (50/60 Hz)
Rated input power 15 VA
Output voltage DC 4.2 V 800mA
Temperature conditions for use 10 - 40 degrees C (50 - 104 degrees F)
Dimensions 53 mm x 79.5 mm x 24 mm
Mass (weight) approx. 55 g

How to use the battery charger

  • 1 Set the battery in the battery charger with the label side facing up. Align the battery so that [+] [-] symbols on it match up with the [+] [-] symbols on the charger.
    • * Be careful not to reverse the [+] and [-] sides.
  • How to use the battery charger
  • 2 Insert the power plug into an electrical outlet.
    Charging will start and the battery can be charged as shown in the table below. When charging is finished, remove the power plug from the electrical outlet.

Charging status

Charger lamp Description
Steady Charging started
Off Charging completed
Blink Battery charger or battery may be malfunction (unplug the power plug from the electrical outlet and remove the battery from the charger.)

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