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[Question] About creating / transferring a memo list (List Editor)

The G700 has the camera memo feature to allow you to attach a memo to a captured image. In order to take a picture with memo, it requires creating a memo list in a computer in advance.

Outline for preparation

  • 1.Create a memo list with the 'List Editor' software. The supplied CD contains the software.
  • 2.Save the memo list file in a computer
  • 3.Transfer the memo list file into an SD memory card. The memo list is used for taking a picture with memo.

When creating a memo list:

    • Create the item name list, at first which is used for classification.
    • Register memo contents in each item name.
    • The item name list can be created up to 20 at the maximum. Each item name can store memo contents up to 99.

Creating / transferring a camera memo

See the software manual for the details. The manual is contained in the supplied CD (PDF file).

Section2 - [Creating and Transferring a Memo List] (page 23 in English manual)

The PDF file is also available in the manual download site.

[Manual download - G700 software manual]

  • *Manual PDF is available in English, Français, Deutsch, and Japanese.
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