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[Question] What is an SD WORM card ?

WORM stands for Write Once Read Many. The SD WORM cards are for business use that requires managements not to modify or delete data of captured images. Once data is recorded on SD WORM cards, it cannot be deleted or modified. The following operations are unavailable when an SD WORM card is used with the G700.

    • Card format : both in a shooting mode, and in the playback mode
    • Shooting modes : Movie shooting, Continous shooting, Camera memo, Skew Correct mode (SCENE)
    • Playback mode : File deletion, Resize, Trim, Contrast Correction, Skew Correction, Protect, Copy to Card from Internal Memory, DPOF, Recover File

Captured images are saved into;
[DCIM] > [100RICOH] folder
When an SD WORM card is used with the camera, the maximum number of folders in the card is up to 510. The maximum number of files in a single folder on the card is up to 510.

SD WORM cards can be used only with the cameras that support SD WORM cards.
Other cameras like G600, Caplio 500Gwide do not support SD WORM cards.

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