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[Question] About the Macro shooting.

In the Macro mode, close-up picture can be taken. The minimum distance available is about 1 cm.

In order to make the macro mode, turn the mode dial to a shooting mode, and press the Macro button.

Macro button
Compose the frame, and press the shutter release button half way to focus on the subject, and then press the shutter button all the way. In order to disable the macro mode, press the Macro button again.

[About the Shooting menu operations. ]

  [Focus] becomes [Spot AF].
  Macro mode is unavailable at [MF] in [Focus].
  To take further close up picture for macro shooting, use [Zoom Macro] in the SCENE mode.
[About the Scene modes. ]
  The minimum shooting distance and shooting range when zooming are shown below.

Lens position Minimum shooting distance (from the front of the lens) Shooting range *1
Wide angle Approx. 1 cm Approx. 21.8 mm x 16.4 mm
Telephoto Approx. 15 cm Approx. 42.3 mm x 31.7 mm (without digital zoom)
Approx. 10.6 mm x 7.9 mm (with digital zoom 4.0x)

  • *1)The range that can be taken in the screen (the more a smaller number, the more close up picture).
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