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[Question] Details on the ADJ./MEMO button.

ADJ./MEMO button
The ADJ./MEMO button has the three functions below.

[4 functions assignment from the Shooting menu (ADJ. mode)]

The ADJ./MEMO button can be assigned 4 functions from the shooting menu options. The 5th function is fixed to AE/AF target shift, and it cannot be changed.
When functions are assigned to the [ADJ./MEMO] button, you can display various shooting setting screens with fewer button operations and without displaying the shooting menu. This is convenient for frequently used functions.
At the time of purchase, 4 functions are assigned already. You can change the assigned options from the Setup menu.

[About the Setup menu operations.]

[Functions can be assigned to the ADJ./MEMO button in the Auto Shooting mode]

  • *[Quality] is unavailable in CALS mode.
Exposure Comp
(*Default setting for [ADJ Button Setting 1])
White Balance
(*Default setting for [ADJ Button Setting 2])
(*Default setting for [ADJ Button Setting 3])
(*Default setting for [ADJ Button Setting 4])
Expo. Metering
Cont. Mode
Auto Bracket

[Available functions with the ADJ./MEMO button in the SCENE mode]

  • *The ADJ.MEMO button assignment in the SCENE mode is fixed as follows regardless of the setting in the Setup menu.
SCENE mode Items assigned
Movie White Balance
Text Density
Other modes than Movie / Text Exposure Comp, White Balance

[AE/AF target shift]

You can shift the target for AE (auto exposure) and / or AF (auto focus).
Available options Description
AE / AF AE and AF are set to Spot AE and Spot AF respectively and the target can be moved for both simultaneously (The targets for Spot AE and Spot AF occupy the same position).
AF The AF is set to Spot AF and the target can be moved. The exposure metering is set to the mode selected in [Exposure Metering] in the shooting menu.
AE The AE is set to Spot AE and the target can be moved. The focus is set to the mode selected in [Focus] in the shooting menu.
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[How to operate the target shift:]

[Camera Memo]

The camera has the feature to take a picture with camera memo, or to add camera memo into a captured image in the camera (in playback mode). By adding memo into image files, it can be used to identify and classify pictures.

Note [Note]
Memo cannot be added to movies.
Camera memo feature is unavailable when using SD WORM cards.
When using a camera memo, the ADJ. mode is disabled. The features that you assigned in the Setup menu, and AE/AF target shift are unavailable.

In order to use the camera memo feature, it requires in advance to create a memo list on the computer to save it to an SD card, then set the card to the camera.
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Date created: August 24, 2010
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