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[Question] Details on the DW-5, optional wide conversion lens for the G700.

It is DW-5, the wide conversion lens that you can use with the G700.
You can take a picture at the lens magnification of 0.8, equivalent to 22 mm at the wide end (in 35 mm filmcameras).

  • Attach the wide conversion lens at the front of the camera.
G700 with DW-5

  When using the wide coversion lens, set the lens to the wide end.
  When using the wide conversion lens, vignetting may appear at flash photography (both with the internal flash and with an external flash). This is because that flash lights will not reach to surrounding.


Zoom magnification 0.8 x
Lens structure 2 glass elements in 2 groups
Size Maximum diameter 48 mm x Full length 15.8 mm
Water proof JIS Protective Level 7 (watertight)
Weight Approx. 63 g
Accessories Softcase, Cautions, Warranty, Lens caps (front, rear)

Safety Precautions

[Warning] : Do not look at the sun directly through the lens, or you may lose your eyesight.


  Do not leave the lens or the lens-attached camera under direct sunlight.
  If sunlight is focused on a nearby item, a fire may occur. Store the product with lens cap or under no direct sunlight.

Handling Notes

  When the wide conversion lens (DW-5) is attached, hold the body of the camera, and do not hold it only at the lens portion.
  Do not directly touch the lens surface. Spots on the lens surface may affect the picture quality. To wipe off spots from the lens surface, use commercially available lens cleaner.
  Be sure not to give it a shock, such as dropping it, or hitting it against hard items.
  In an environment where the temperature changes suddenly, condensation may occur in the product, resulting in troubles such as rust or molds. For lens care, take it out of the bag after the temperature difference from the atmosphere has decreased to a fairly small amount.
  Avoid high temperature or humidity and store the product in a dry place.
  The DW-5 cannot be used in water. Do not leave it in water for long or under high water pressure.
  When the DW-5 is connected, use the zoom position at the wide end. Images may be out of focus in the tele side.
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