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[Question] What is the Edit Detection feature ?

This feature allows you to show if a still image has been edited after shooting.

With this feature [On], the camera creates data that enable the whole of the image to detect editing. When reading these images by the supplied software (EC-1), it is judged with greater accuracy.

Outline of this feature

1 After setting the Edit Detection [On]*1,take a picture.
  Edit Detection On
  [About the Shooting menu operations.]
  *1:With this setting [On], the camera reads the information on the image when it is recorded, and adds the information for edit detection (electrical signature) to save the image.
    When [Edit Detection] is set to [On], the recording time becomes longer than usual.
    The [Edit Detection] is available with still images only.

2 Download pictures into a computer.
Run [EC-1] software to check if an image has been edited. *2
  [OK] : images that have not been processed or edited after shooting.
[!] : images that has been processed or edited after shooting.
  sample screen of EC1
  *2:When a still image is edited/modified, or when information in the file (e.g.; Exif information) has been edited, that image is judged as modified.
For example, the following cases will/may be judged that the image is modified.
    While using some other application software;
  • When a still image is overwritten, or is saved as another name.
When downloading images.
When sending images by email.
When some other software changes or adds the information on the file by viewing, rotating the image(s), or showing properties of the image.

  • Downloading images by the supplied software (DL-10) is not judged as modification.
  Downloading images by drag and drop in mass storage connection is not judged as modification.
  This software is for G700 only. The other Ricoh camera models or the other manufacturer's models are not target for the edit detection. The result is not guaranteed even if the EC-1 software shows some result for these images.
  Windows Photo Gallery software in Windows Vista will edit some part of information on the image when importing images. So the EC-1 will judge the images downloaded by the Windows Photo Gallery as modification.
  After downloading images to a computer, when an image or properties of the image is viewed and when it is closed to save, that image may be judged as modification depending on the picture viewer program.
  Images that have been created for which the [Resize], [Contrast Correction], or [Skew Correction] in the playback mode will be judged as images that have been edited or modified.
  The edit detection feature must be set before shooting. If an image is taken with the edit detection [Off], it is unable to make [On] to the captured image.
  The symbol for the edit detection is not displayed in the playback mode in the camera, even if the image is captured with the edit detection [On].
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Date created: August 24, 2010
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