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[Question] What is ISO sensitivity?

In digital cameras, the ISO sensitivity shows the sensitivity of imaging sensors toward light.
ISO sensitivity value is indicated as a number, such as ISO 100, or ISO 400.
A greater value means higher sensitivity. High sensitivity is suitable for shooting an object in a dark place or a fast-moving object while minimizing blurring. But the more a greater value, the more noise in images, and it will result in lower image quality.
On the other hand, the more lower the value in ISO sensitivity, the more detailed the images.

The following ISO settings are selectable.
Auto, ISO 64, ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, ISO 1600, and ISO 3200.

When ISO setting is set to [Auto], the camera automatically changes the sensitivity according to the distance, brightness, zoom, macro settings, and picture Quality/Size. Usually, use the camera in the [Auto] mode.
If you do not want to allow the camera to change the ISO sensitivity, select an ISO setting other than [Auto].

The ISO sensitivity can be set in the Shooting menu, or with ADJ./MEMO button. If the Camera memo feature is used, the ADJ./MEMO button cannot be used for the ISO setting changes.

See the FAQ below for the Shooting menu operations.
About the Shooting menu operations.
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