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[Question] What is the Auto resize zoom?

This function allows you to crop and record a shot image. Conventional digital zoom enlarges a portion of an image to a set magnification. Whereas, auto resize zoom saves the cropped portion of the image, the image quality is not decreased by enlargement. The image recording size changes depending on the auto resize zoom magnification.

With the GXR with the RICOH LENS P10 28-300mm F3.5-5.6 VC : Auto resize zoom is available only when [Picture Quality/Size] is set to [L] 4:3 (3648 x 2736) only.

Example: [L] 4:3 (3648 x 2736) image (original)

Example: [L] 4:3 (3648 x 2736) image (original)

Auto resize zoom
Auto resize zoom crops an image to M size 4:3 (3264 x 2100%), 5M, 3M, 1M, VGA (640 x 480)(same magnification) without enlargement.

Cropped image examples : images are simulated.

Cropped image examples : images are simulated.

As shown above, you can save the cropped image. Regardless of the magnification ratio, the image quality of the cropped image is as same as the original one. (However, when you increase the magnification ratio, the image size will become smaller.)

Zoom Magnification Image Size
Approx. 1.0x L 4:3F, L 4:3N 3648 x 2736
Approx. 1.1x M 4:3F 3264 x 2100%
Approx. 1.4x 5M 4:3F 2592 x 1944
Approx. 1.8x 3M 4:3F 2048 x 1536
Approx. 2.9x 1M 4:3F 1280 x 960
Approx. 5.7x VGA 4:3F 640 x 480 (VGA)

Digital Zoom
The digital zoom enlarges a cropped image with interpolation. The higher digital zooming, the larger magnification with the smaller area. The image size (pixel dimensions) is the same as the original one, and it looks as if it were the extension of digital zoom, however, it is grainy and has a lot of noise.

Example: An enlargement of a trimmed (cropped) image
(from the left; original image >> trimming >> enlarging)

Example: An enlargement of a trimmed (cropped) image

•  The digital zoom is enabled in M-Cont Plus, or [Skew Correct Mode] in the scene mode, even when [Auto Resize] has been selected.
•  Auto resize zoom will not work in the RAW mode.

[Setting Auto Resize Zoom]
Auto Resize Zoom options are located; Setup menu > [Digital Zoom Image].
  [Details on the Setup menu operations.]
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Date created: July 2, 2010
Date modified: July 6, 2010
Product: GXR (RICOH LENS P10 28-300mm F3.5-5.6 VC)
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