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[Question] About movie shooting.

You can shoot movies with sound.
The image size (pixel size) can be selected from; 1280 x 720, 640 x 480, or 320 x 240. The frame rate is 30 frames / second.
Each movie you shoot is recorded as an AVI file.

To shoot movies, you must first select [Movie] in the Scene mode.

Turn the mode dial to [SCENE].

The procedures are shown below.

  • 1 While pressing the mode dial lock release button, turn the mode dial to [SCENE].
  • While pressing the mode dial lock release button, turn the mode dial to [SCENE].
  • The camera becomes ready to shoot, the selected scene mode will be displayed in the picture display.

  • 2 Press the [MENU/OK] button.
  • 2 Press the [MENU/OK] button.
  • The Scene mode selection screen appears.
  • Movie in the scene modes

  • 3 Press [+], [-], [Fn1], or [Fn2] in the directional pad to choose the Movie mode (the yellow symbol in the screen example above), and press the [MENU/OK] button.
  • Choose the movie mode with the direcional pad, and press the [MENU/OK] button.

  • 4 The screen will change to the movie mode. Press the shutter release button to start recording the movie.
  • Movie mode example
  • During movie shooting, the [REC] symbol blinks and the recording time and available remaining time will be displayed in the screen.

  • 5 Press the shutter release button again to stop shooting the movie.

  • While shooting movies, operating sounds may be recorded.
  • For shooting movie withHD1280 (1280 x 720), it is recommended the usage of SD/SDHC card with Class 6 or greater (SD Speed Class). Otherwise the movie withHD1280 (1280 x 720) may not be correctly played back in the camera depending on the memory card, due to the effect of readout speed of the captured movie.
  • The maximum recording time per shooting depends on the memory card. Depending on the type of memory card, shooting may end before the maximum recording time is reached.
  • The maximum recording time per shooting is 90 minutes or the equivalent of 4 GB.
  • While shooting movies, only digital zoom can be used. The maximum digital zoom varies depending on the image size. With 1280 x 720, it is up to 2.8x. With 680 x 480 or 320 x 240, it is up to 4.0x.
  • A movie sound is recorded in monaural.

  • The flash cannot be used.
  • The camera will start focusing when the shutter release button is pressed (in the step 4 above).
  • The amount of time remaining is calculated based on the amount of memory available, and may not diminish at an even rate.
  • Shooting menu options differ from those available in other modes.
  • It is recommended to use sufficiently charged batteries.
  • Use of a high speed SD memory card with sufficient memory is recommended when shooting for long periods.
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Date created: May 7, 2010
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Product: GXR (RICOH LENS P10 28-300mm F3.5-5.6 VC)
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Category: Hardware operations
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