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[Question] What is the Multi-target AF function?

The camera automatically determines 5 focus positions and shoots 5 pictures with the focus on a different position in each one. The 5 still images are grouped together as a set and are recorded as an MP file *1. This function is especially useful for telephoto shooting and shooting with macro mode.
After shooting, you can also select the images whose focus positions you like and save them as JPEG files. (See the related link below.)

Multi-target AF

Memo *1 : MP file (Multi-Picture file)

It is a file format that records multiple still images as one file. You can export specific frames from an MP file and save it as separate still images (JPEG files) in the camera.
[What is an MP file ?]

Use the following procedures to shoot using the Multi-target AF function.

  • 1Press the [MENU/OK] button in a shooting mode.
  • Press the [MENU/OK] button.

  • 2The Shooting menu will be displayed.
  • Shooting menu example

  • 3Choose [Focus] with the [+] [-] button, and press the [Fn2] button to show the sub-menu.
  • [+] [-] button

  • 4Choose [Multi-trgt AF] with the [+] [-] button, and press the [Fn1] button.
  • Choose [Multi-trgt AF] with the [+] [-] button.

  • 5Press the [MENU/OK] button. It returns to the shooting screen, and the symbol appears in the picture display.

  • 6Compose your picture and half-press the shutter release button.
  • Compose your picture and half-press the shutter release button.
    • The camera automatically detects multiple focus positions.
    • The green Ο symbol appears on the screen when a focus position is detected.
  • Green mark example
    • The determined focus positions are displayed only during playback.
    • If a focus position cannot be detected, the orange Ο symbol blinks on the screen.

  • 7Press the shutter release button all the way down. Consecutive shooting starts, and when the five frames are shot, they are recorded as one MP file.
  • Recording example

  • The flash cannot be used.
  • The camera shake correction function cannot be used. If [Multi-trgt AF] is set while the camera shake function is turned on, camera shake correction symbol Camera shake correction in the picture monitor changes to disabled symbol Disabled camera shake correction.
  • This function is not available when [Picture Quality/Size] is set to [RAW].
  • When [Continuous Mode] is set to any setting except [Off], you can choose [Multi-trgt AF] in [Focus], but the multi target AF will not work.
  • [Interval Shooting] is not available when [Multi-trgt AF] is selected.

  • If this function is turned on when using the digital zoom, the digital zoom is disabled and shooting is performed at the maximum magnification for the optical zoom (10.7x).
  • [White Balance] functions according to the [Auto] setting, even if it is set to [Multi-P AUTO].
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Date created: May 7, 2010
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Product: GXR (RICOH LENS P10 28-300mm F3.5-5.6 VC)
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