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[Question] What options for GXR with GR LENS A12 50mm are available ?

See the following system chart.
For availability of respective options, please ask the local contact directly.

[System chart of the GXR with GR LENS A12 50mm F2.5 MACRO]

System chart

VF-2 : LCD viewfinder

This is the electronic viewfinder especially for the GXR, with 920,000 dots equivalent, the field of view is 100%. It attaches to the hot shoe of the camera body, and can be tilted to adjust the angle.
Details on the VF-2, optional electrical viewfinder.

GF-1 : External flash

This is the external flash especially for the GXR and the GR DIGITAL III, that allows TTL flash control by pre-flash. It has the wide panel, and the catch-light panel. Using the wide panel covers 18 mm angle (35 mm filmcamera equivalent). This can be connected to the hot shoe.
Details on the GF-1, optional external flash unit.

CA-1 : Cable switch

This is the cable switch to release the camera shutter. Which is used by connecting to the USB terminal of the camera.
For the details on the CA-1, see the FAQ below.
Let me know about the CA-1, the cable switch.

DB-90 : Rechargeable battery

This is the battery that comes with the camera body.
Let me know about the DB-90, rechargeable battery.
List of Compatible Options

BJ-9 : Battery charger

This is the battery charger for the DB-90.
Let me know about specifications on BJ-9, battery charger.
List of Compatible Options

SC-55L : Soft case

This is the leather soft case. It can be used to store the GXR with GR LENS A12.
What camera case option for the GXR with A12/P10 is available ?
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Date created: November 10, 2009
Date modified: September 28, 2010
Product: GXR (GR LENS A12 50mm F2.5 MACRO)
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