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[Question] Details on the flash modes.

Press [OPEN/] button to pop-up the flash cover in advance. Flash will not work without openning the flash cover.

Pop-up the flash cover.

Pressing the [OPEN/flash] button with the flash cover pop-up, the flash mode selection screen will appear.

Clicking the [OPEN/flash] button will switch the flash modes. The default setting is [AUTO].

    • The selected flash mode is displayed at the top left corner of the screen.
    • Auto focus/Flash lamp blinks while the flash charges. After completed charging, the lamp will turn off and the camera will be ready to shoot.

The kinds of the flash mode are shown below.

Symbol Mode Description
Flash Off Flash Off The flash is off and will not fire.
Auto Auto The flash fires automatically when required.
Red-Eye Flash Red-Eye Flash Reduces "red-eye" in portraits taken with the flash.
Flash On Flash On The flash fires with every shot.
Flash Synchro. Flash Synchro. Combines the flash with slow shutter speeds. Use when taking portraits that include details of the background at night. Use of a tripod is recommended to prevent blur.
Manual Flash Manual Flash The flash fires with every shot; flash output is fixed at the level selected for [Manual Flash Amount].

  • Close the flash cover when it is not in use.
  • The flash mode settings remain in effect until they are changed using the [OPEN/flash] button.
  • The flash turns off automatically in Movie, Continuous, Auto Bracket, White Balance Bracket, Color Bracket.
  • The flash emits a pre-flash to increase the AE accuracy.

point The following flash settings are available in the GXR.
  • Flash exposure compensation
    This is a good option for situations such as; you'd like to reduce the flash amount to reduce the possibility of overexposure by the flash, or a case in which you'd like to use an auxiliary light to make less of a shadow on the subject in backlit conditions.
  • [Is Flash exposure compensation available ?]
  • You can choose how the flash synchronizes with the shutter by selecting [1st Curtain] or [2nd Curtain].
    [1st Curtain], which is useful for normal use, fires the flash when the shutter release button is pressed. However, [2nd Curtain] is useful for shooting moving subjects in slow synchronization because it allows you to shoot more natural trails of light.
  • [Details on the setting for flash timing (Flash Synchro Settings).]

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