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[Question] Details on picture quality modes and image size (A12 50mm).

The file size of a still image is determined by a combination of its picture quality mode and image size. There are three picture quality modes depending on the compression ratio used - Normal mode (N), Fine mode (F), and RAW mode (RAW). For a movie, you can select the movie size.

Normal mode (N) An image is compressed higher, then the file size becomes small.
Fine mode (F) An image is compressed lower, then the file size becomes large. This is a higher quality than Normal mode.
RAW mode (RAW) The RAW images are the files recorded as RAW data, that the camera captures but without any image processing in the camera. A JPEG file associated with a DNG file is recorded at the same time. DNG files can be developed and edited in a computer with the application software that is compatible with the DNG file format.
For Windows, the Irodio Photo & Video Studio comes with the package, which allows you to do some simple editing of a DNG file.
For Macintosh, use the software commercially available that supports the DNG format (No software for DNG comes with the package).

[Picture Quality Mode and Image Size]

The picture quality and image size varies depending on the camera unit attached. The chart below shows in case of GXR with GR LENS A12 50mm F2.5 MACRO.
Setting items Aspect ratio (Image size/pixels) Image quality (compression rate) Remarks
RAW 16:9 (4288x2416) *2
4:3 (3776x2832)
3:2 (4288x2848) *2
1:1 (2843x2843) *3
JPEG copy option / FINE, NORMAL
•For downloading to a computer for advanced image correction and editing.
L (large) 16:9 (4288x2416) *2
4:3 (3776x2832)
3:2 (4288x2848) *2
1:1 (2843x2843) *3
FINE, NORMAL •For creating large prints.
•For downloading to a computer for trimming and other process.
M (middle) 16:9 (3456x1944) *2
4:3 (3072x2304)
3:2 (3456x2034) *2
1:1 (2304x2304)
5M 4:3 (2592x1944) FINE •For creating prints.
3M 4:3 (2048x1536) FINE
1M *4 4:3 (1280x960) FINE •For shooting a large number of pictures.
VGA *4 4:3 (640x480) FINE •For shooting a large number of pictures.
•For attaching to e-mail.
•For posting on a website.

  • *1) This is the setting used for the JPEG copy that is recorded with the RAW image. The options are selectable from FINE / NORMAL in the compression ratio, or VGA in image size.
  • *2) Black borders are displayed at the top and bottom of the picture display to illustrate the shooting range.
  • *3) Black borders are displayed at the left and right edges of the picture display to illustrate the shooting range.
  • *4) In the [Skew Correction] in the SCENE mode, the available settings are [1M] or [VGA] only.

  • The file size of the captured still image will vary depending on the combination of the image size and the quality mode.
  • The number of shots that can be stored in internal memory or on a memory card depends on [Picture Quality/Size].
[How many pictures can the camera store in each image size ?]
[Shooting in RAW mode]
Although JPEG images have a small file size, the image quality is decreased by compression. RAW images are not compressed. This increases file size, but avoid the loss of picture quality associated with compression.

Note the following when shooting in RAW mode.
  • Some settings cannot be used, as detailed in the section for the affected setting.
  • [Date Imprint] option applies only to the JPEG image that is recorded with the DNG image. In the DNG image, the Date Imprint option will not work.
  • The [Image Settings] option set in the Shooting menu applies only to the JPEG image that is recorded with the DNG image.
  • The number of RAW photographs that can be taken in a single burst in Continuous mode varies with the option selected for [Noise Reduction]. Up to 4 photographs can be taken when noise reduction is disabled (Off), or [Weak] ; when noise reduction is [Strong], this number is up to 3.
  • The size and quality of the JPEG copies recorded with DNG images can be selected using the [RAW/JPEG Setting] option in the Setup menu.
  • The image displayed in the camera is a JPEG file that is recorded with a DNG file.

Let me know about RAW images.
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Date created: December 21, 2009
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