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[Question] What is the DL-10's [Option Settings] dialog box?

The [Options Settings] dialog box for DL-10 allows you to set the location where images are saved when downloaded in a batch, and the application that starts after the images have been saved and after the [Application] button has been pressed.

The [Option Settings] dialog box appears if you select [Option Settings] on the menu that appears when you press [MENU] in the DL-10 window.

The [Option Settings] dialog box appears if you select [Option Settings] on the menu that appears when you press [MENU] in the DL-10 window.

The [Option Settings] dialog box appears if you select [Option Settings] on the menu that appears when you press [MENU] in the DL-10 window.
[Save Settings]
Item Description Initial Setting
[Save automatically when connected to USB] Select the check box to have images downloaded and saved automatically in your computer when the camera is connected to your computer with the USB cable. If you deselect the check box, your images will not be downloaded automatically when you connect your camera to the computer. For downloading, activate DL- 10 and click the [Save] button. Save automatically
[Destination folder] Specifies which folder to save your images in. The [Digital Camera] folder inside [My Documents] is specified initially; if you want to change this, click the [Browse] button to display the dialog box and then specify the folder.
[Create folder]
Specifies how to create a folder.[Not created]
[Not created]
  Your downloaded images will all be saved in the folder specified in item "2 [Destination folder]".
[For each date photographed]
  Creates a new folder assigning the date the images were shot as the folder name, and saves images shot on the same day in the same folder.
For example, if shot on February19, 2010: [20100219] folder
[For each time saved]
  Creates a new folder each time and save images in the folder. If images are saved more than once in a day, a new folder is created each time.
  The folder name format is "Saving date + Underscore + Three-digit serial number".
For example, if you saved twice on February19, 2010:
[20100219_001] folder, [20100219_002] folder
Create a new folder for each date photograghed
[The same image will not be saved] When this check box is selected, images once loaded you're your computer are not loaded again. This check box is enabled only when [Not created] or [For each date photographed] is selected in [Create folder].
To allow this function to work properly, the camera date and time must be set correctly. When this check box is deselected, previously loaded images are loaded again.
* If you were previously using Caplio Software, images will be downloaded again if images downloaded using RICOH Gate La remain on the SD memory card even if the [The same image will not be saved] checkbox for the DL-10 [Option settings] is selected.
The same image will not be saved

[Application software settings]
Item Description Initial Setting
[Application software settings] To start an application after loaded images have been saved, specify the application name here. Click the [Browse] button and select the application in the displayed dialog box.
[Save and start application software] When this is checked, the application specified above is started after the images have been saved. When this is unchecked, the application is not started. Application is started

[LAN Connection Setting]
Item Description Initial Setting
[Camera's IP Address] Not used for this camera, but used for other Ricoh digital cameras. For details, see the documentation that came with the camera.

If you have another Ricoh digital camera, and if Caplio Software is already installed, the settings for Ricoh Gate La [Option settings] may be cancelled when the Caplio Software is uninstalled.

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