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[Question] What is the difference between Multi-target AF and Focus Bracketing?

See each section below.

[Multi-target AF]

The camera automatically determines 5 focus positions, and then rapidly shoots seven consecutive pictures by focusing on each of the focus positions. Captured 5 images are then saved as one MP file.
You can extract specific frames from an MP file*1 to save a separate JPEG file in the camera. This allows you to choose and export an image with a certain focusing position as the JPEG image.

Multi-target AF

Memo*1 : MP file (Multi-Picture file)
It is a file format that records multiple still images as one file.

See the FAQ below for information on how to operate the Multi-target AF function.

[Focus Bracketing]

With focus bracketing, the camera automatically shoots five pictures while adjusting the focus position. In the last four pictures, the focus position is moved to two positions farther than the original focus position, and to two positions closer than the original focus position.
The shot pictures are saved as five JPEG files.

First picture : The focus position is measured by the [Focus] setting.
Second and third pictures : The focus position is farther than in the first picture.
Fourth and fifth pictures : The focus position is closer than in the first picture.

Focus Bracketing
(Images displayed on the camera when they are being recorded)

Focus bracketing settings are available in [Focus-BKT] in [AUTO Bracket] located in the Shooting menu.

See the FAQ below for the Shooting menu operations.

See the FAQ below about how to operate the focus bracket [Focus-BKT] function.
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Date created: February 3, 2010
Date modified: July 8, 2011
Product: CX3
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