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[Question] What is an MP file?

An MP (Multi-Picture) file is a file format that groups together multiple still images into one file.

With the CX3, it allows you to record pictures that have been continuously shot using M-Cont Plus, Speed Cont and Multi-target AF as one MP file.

What is the M-Cont Plus?

What is the Speed Cont?

About the Continuous mode (Normal Continuous, M-Cont Plus, and Speed Cont).

What is the Multi-target AF function?

You can extract specific frames from an MP file and save it as separate still images (a JPEG file(s)).
Exporting from an MP file into a JPEG file

For exporting MP fles, there are three options; select one frame to save it, select multiple frames to save them, or select all frames to save them all. See the FAQ below for its operations.
Can I export a specific frame from an MP file into a still image?
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Date created: February 3, 2010
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Product: CX3
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