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[Question] What is the Auto bracketing?

The Auto bracketing function automatically takes three consecutive shots at three exposure levels (-0.5EV, ±0, and +0.5EV) based on the set exposure level.

It will take 3 consecutive images at 3 exposure levels.
The procedures for Auto bracketing are shown below.

1 Turn the mode dial to a shooting mode.
Turn the mode dial to shooting mode.

2 Press the [MENU] button to display the shooting menu.
Press the [MENU] button to display the shooting menu.

3 Press the [ADJ./OK] button downDownto select [Auto Bracket], and press the button to the right Right (Flash).
Press the [ADJ./OK] button down

4 Press the [ADJ./OK] button Up Down to select [On].
select [On]

5 Press the [ADJ./OK] button.
The display returns to the shooting screen, and the symbol is displayed on the picture display.
the symbol is displayed on the picture display.

6 Press the shutter release button to shoot the picture. 'Recording' is displayed.
Three consecutive shots are taken at -0.5EV, ±0, and +0.5EV based on the set exposure compensation setting. The three still images displayed on the picture display after shooting are, from left to right, at -0.5EV (darker), standard exposure compensation setting, and +0.5EV (brighter).

The exposure compensation can be changed using the shooting menu.
About the Shooting menu operations.
[White Balance] functions according to the [Auto] setting even if it is set to [Multi-P AUTO].
This function is not available in Dynamic range double-shot or Continuous mode.
This function cannot be used when [Focus] is set to [Multi-trgt AF].
The flash cannot be used.
The [Time Exposure] setting is disabled.
You can toggle this function on and off by pressing the Fn (Function) button if [AT-BKT] has been assigned to the Fn button using [Set Fn Button].
See the FAQ below for more information about [Set Fn Button].

[Details on the Fn button assignment.]
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Date created: February 3, 2010
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