[Question] Let me know about the Noise Reduction setting.

This is a feature that the camera performs to reduce noise of the image when capturing still images.
You can set a noise reduction feature if needs, at the scene that tends to show noise, such a dark place or shadow in the frame, or at long time exposure.

Choosing an option, [Weak] or [Strong] in the [Noise Reduction] option in the Shooting menu, the camera will perform noise reduction of the image at the time of still image capturing.

Shooting menu - Noise Reduction

There is the [Noise Reduction ISO setting] option, which will work when you set [Weak] or [Strong] in the [Noise Reduction] setting.
The [Noise Reduction ISO] setting is available in the Shooting menu as follows.

Shooting - Noise Reduction ISO

Over ISO 201
Over ISO 401
Over ISO 801
ISO 1600

For the operations on the Shooting menu, see the FAQ below.

If the Noise Reduction is enabled, and if the ISO sensitivity becomes higher than the configured setting in the Noise Reduction ISO, the symbol will appear in the picture display as follows.

Example of the NR symbol


If you take a picture in the RAW mode, the noise reduction applies only to a JPEG file that is recorded with a DNG file. But the noise reduction feature will not apply to a DNG file, regardless of the noise reduction option.
The time that is required to complete the recording of an image will vary depending on the option selected in the Noise Reduction.


If the noise reduction is [OFF], a JPEG image will be developed with the normal image processing in the imaging engine of camera.

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