[Question] Let me know about the GV-1, an optical external viewfinder.

The GV-1 is the optical viewfinder specially for GR DIGITAL III / GR DIGITAL II / GR DIGITAL, that is for checking composition in 28/21 mm.
You can attach the external viewfinder in the hotshoe that is located above the lens, which will not show vignetting caused by the lens tube. It has the two frames that are equivalent to 28 mm and 21 mm (on 35 mm filmcameras). The 21 mm frame will be useful when the wide conversion lens is attached.

Lens name 28 mm / 21 mm external viewfinder (35 mm filmcameras equivalant)
Lens type Alberta type inverse-Galileo lens
Optical viewfinder (with 5 lenses)
Finder magnification 0.42
Rate of view Approx. 90%
(The aspect ratio of 3:2, 3 m)
Dioptric Finder image - 1.0D (3 m)
Eye point From the final face of the eye point lens : 15 mm
From the rear end of the lens frame : 12.8 mm
Pupil diameter : 5 m

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Mounting Instructions

The following shows the operations with the GR DIGITAL. There will be some differences in appearance depending on the model.

Remove the hotshoe cover from camera.

Remove the hotshoe cover from camera

Insert the mounting part of the finder into the camera body until it stops at the hotshoe.

Inser the mounting part of the finder into the camera body

The following shows the finder display (simulated).

Finder display (simluated)

The outer fine line represents 21 mm and the outer bold line represents 28 mm (equivalent to 35 mm filmcameras).
  • *The focusing frame will not appear in the viewfinder.

Using the GV-1 with GH-1 (hood & adapter), or GW-2 (wide conversion lens) at the same time

Vignetting may appear in bottom area in the viewfinder, but it will not affect the captured image.

Safety Precautions

[Warning] : Do not look at the sun directly through the lens, or you may lose your eyesight.

    • Do not leave the viewfinder or the finder-attached camera under direct sunlight.
    • If the sunlight is focused on a nearby item, a fire may occur. Store the product under no direct sunlight.

Handling Notes

    • Use framing with it only as a general guide. Since framing with the optional viewfinder will take an image with a little larger range in the left, upper, and bottom side.
    • Any external flash cannot be used with the GV-1 at the same time.
    • Do not carry the camera only by holding the external viewfinder. The camera may drop and cause an injury or malfunction.
    • Check if it is fully attached before use. If it is not attached correctly, the field of view may be deviated or the viewfinder may drop.
    • Be sure not to give it a shock, such as dropping it, or hitting it against hard items.
    • In an environment where the temperature changes suddenly, condensation may occur in the product, resulting in troubles such as rust or molds. For lens care, take it out of the bag after the temperature difference from the atmosphere has decreased to a fairly small amount.
    • Avoid high temperature or humidity and store the product in a dry place.
    • Turn off the camera power for attachment or detachment.
    • Do not apply force more than necessary for attachment or detachment, or the camera may be damaged.
    • You can use the built-in flash with the GV-1 (or GV-2) at one time. But since the built-in flash will pop up when it is used, other external viewfinder cannot be used that has the shape to contact the built-in flash.

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