[Question] Let me know about the GW-2, optional wide conversion lens for the GR DIGITAL III.

It is GW-2, the wide conversion lens that you can use with the GR DIGITAL III.
You can take a picture at the lens magnification of 0.75, equivalent to 21 mm (in 35 mm filmcameras).

In order to use the GW-2, the GH-2 (optional, hood & adapter) is required.

Let me know about the GH-2 (hood & adapter)

Zoom magnification 0.75 x
Lens structure 3 glass elements in 3 groups
Size Maximum diameter 65 mm x Full length 44.4 mm
Weight Approx. 124 g
Screw shape Diameter 43 mm P0.75 (length 2.6 mm)

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Mounting instructions and cautions are as follows.


Attaching the GW-2

1. Remove the ring cap from the camera body.
Turn the ring cap counterclockwise for removal.

Turn the ring cap counterclockwise for removal.

Keep the removed ring cap with care. For use, attach the ring cap to the camera body by aligning the markings, and then turn the ring cap clockwise to return it to its original position.

2. With the marking on the camera, fit the adapter into the camera body. Then turn the adapter clockwise until it clicks in position.

With the marking on the camera, fit the adapter into the camera body.


3. Screw the wide conversion lens into the adapter. Check that the lens is secured in the adapter. If the lens is not attached appropriately, images may not be captured properly.

Screw the wide conversion lens into the adapter.

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Attaching the hood

1. Fit the hood onto the wide conversion lens.

Turn the ring cap counterclockwise for removal.

Attach the hood with the marking on the upper side. If the attachment position is deviated, vignetting may appear.

Attaching the hood

The hood can also be attached in the opposite direction for easy carrying. (See the right figure in above.)

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Caution on the usage of GW-2

    • Since the hood is made of rubber, carry it carefully. The hood may not be able to recover its normal shape if deformed forcibly or left deformed.
    • Turn off the camera power for attachment or detachment.
    • Do not apply force more than necessary for attachment or detachment, or the camera may be damaged.
    • You cannot use a filter with the wide conversion lens.
    • You cannot use the hood that came with the GH-2 with the wide conversion lens.
    • When using the wide conversion lens, you cannot use the flash built in the camera.
    • GW-2 can be used on a GR DIGITAL III. Do not connect GW-2 to any other device.
    • Do not connect with any cameras other than specification.
    • The threads at the front of the wide conversion lens are for lens caps only, and the threads is not for filter. If you attach a commercially available filter to the GW-2, vignetting will appear.

Safety Precautions

[Warning] : Do not look at the sun directly through the lens, or you may lose your eyesight.


    • Do not leave the lens or the lens-attached camera under direct sunlight.
    • If the sunlight is focused on a nearby item, a fire may occur. Store the product with lens cap or under no direct sunlight.

Handling Notes

    • If you use an external viewfinder with a wide conversion lens, or hood at the same time, the vignetting (shading) on the finder will become greater.
    • When the wide conversion lens (GW-2) is attached, do not hold the camera only at the lens portion.
    • Do not directly touch the lens surface. Spots on the lens surface may affect the picture quality. To wipe off spots from the lens surface, use commercially available lens cleaner.
    • Be sure not to give it a shock, such as dropping it, or hitting it against hard items.
    • In an environment where the temperature changes suddenly, condensation may occur in the product, resulting in troubles such as rust or molds. For lens care, take it out of the bag after the temperature difference from the atmosphere has decreased to a fairly small amount.
    • Avoid high temperature or humidity and store the product in a dry place.

Package contents

    • Wide conversion lens
    • Hood
    • Lens cap (front, rear)
    • Soft case ; This case can also accommodate the GH-2 (optional, hood & adapter)
    • User's manual
    • Warranty

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