[Question] Let me know about the DB-65, rechargeable battery.

This is the lithium-ion rechargeable battery for this camera. It is economical because you can recharge and use it over again. It has long duration, so it will be useful for travelling.

Charging : Approx. 2 hours (at 25 degrees C)

The battery charging time will vary depending on a battery level. If a battery is exhausted, charging will be completed in 2 hours at 25 decrees C.
  Use a battery charger, BJ-6 for this camera.
  If you do not use a camera for a long period, remove the rechargeable battery from the camera.
  Keep the battery in a cold place.

Storage capacity of shot as a general guide

The GR DIGITAL III : Approx. 370 pictures
  • *The data is based on the measurement conditions compliant with the CIPA standard. (Temperature : 23 degrees C, Picture display ON, 50 % flash usage, Turning the power off after each 10 shots.)
  • *If you set a camera in the synchro-monitor mode, the number of pictures that you can take will increase.
  • *The data is just a guide and reference only. If you use a camera for a long time, we would recommend taking a spare battery.

Battery level indication

A battery mark appears at the lower right of the picture display to indicate the battery level. Recharge the battery before it is depleted. The following figures show a guide for your reference.

Battery mark Description
Sufficient battery power 1. Sufficient battery power
Low remaining battery power 2. Low remaining battery power. Recommend preparing new batteries, or recharging the battery.
No remaining battery power 3. No remaining battery power. Replace with a new battery or recharge the battery.

Use only genuine RICOH rechargeable batteries, DB-65 or DB-60. Please never use other lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.
[Notice on the usage of Lithium ion battery]
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