[Question] Details on the setting for flash timing (Flash Synchro Settings).

You can select [1st Curtain] or [2nd Curtain] as the flash synchronization setting.
[1st Curtain] fires the flash at the beginning of the exposure. [2nd Curtain] fires the flash just before the end of the exposure. [1st Curtain] is a convenient and commonly used setting that fires the flash when the shutter release button is pressed. However, [2nd Curtain] is useful for shooting moving subjects in slow synchronization, because it allows you to shoot more natural trails of light.


  Shooting with [1st Curtain] selected (car moving from left to right).

Shooting with [1st Curtain] selected

  Shooting with [2nd Curtain] selected (car moving from left to right)

Shooting with [2st Curtain] selected

Setting Description
1st Curtain The flash fires right after the exposure starts. Select this for normal shooting.
2nd Curtain The flash fires just before the exposure finishes. The exposure starts in normal light and the flash fires just before the exposure ends. This allows you to capture light trails and a subject’s motion more naturally when shooting at slow shutter speeds.

The flash synchronization settings are available in the [Flash Synchro Settings] in the Shooting menu.
Flash Synchro Settings

See below for information about the flash.

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