[Question] Let me know about controlling the flash manually (Manual Flash Amount).

Regardless of the AE of camera, you can manually configure light intensity of the internal flash from [FULL] to [1/64] in 1/2 EV increments. Which will allow to fix light intensity, not being affected by reflectance of the subject nor background.
Since this mode will not do a pre-flash, it will reduce a time lag. It will be useful for taking a picture of flying insects.

The following are the flash amount that can be set, a value is of the maximum amount.

[FULL], [1/1.4], [1/2], [1/2.8], [1/4], [1/5.6],
[1/8], [1/11], [1/16], [1/22], [1/32], [1/64]

The value that is configured with [Manual Flash Amount] is available only when the flash mode is set to [Manual Flash].

The following is the setting procedure.

1. Slide the flash open switch down to pop-up the flash in advance.

Pop-up the flash

2. Press the flash button to change the flash mode.

Press the flash button to change the flash mode.

Choose the Manual flash

Flash amount setting is available in the [Flash Manual Amount] in the Shooting menu as follows.

Choose the [Flash Manual Amount].

For the details on the Shooting menu operations, see the FAQ below.

  • *If the [Manual Flash] is set in the flash mode, the [Flash Manual Amount] setting is enabled, but a value in [Flash exposure compensation] is disabled.
  • *The value in the [Flash Manual Amount] may differ slightly from the actual flash amount in some case.


The flash amount is not adjusted automatically, when the [Manual Flash] is set in the flash mode.
Do not use the flash nearby eyes (especially of infants), nor at people who are driving, etc.

For the details on the flash, see the FAQ below.


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