[Question] Is Flash exposure compensation available ?

Yes, you can adjust the light intensity of internal flash. The Flash exposure compensation is a good conditions for such as; you'd like to reduce the flash light when close photographing at macro that would tend to be overexposed by the flash, or a case in which you'd like to use an auxiliary light to make less of a shadow on the subject in backlit conditions.

This feature is available from : Shooting menu > [Flash Exposure Compensation]. You can set the light intensity from -2.0 EV to + 2.0 EV in increments of 1/3 EV.

  • 1.Press the [MENU/OK] button in a shooting mode.

  • Press the [MENU/OK] button
  • The Shooting menu will appear.

  • Shooting menu

  • 2.With the buttons, choose the [Flash Exposure Compensation] then click the with the button.

  • Choose the [Flash Exposure Compensation].

  • 3.The flash control bar will appear in the screen. Adjust the value with the buttons.

  • Adjust the value with the up/down arrow buttons.

  • 4.Press [MENU/OK] button to set the value. The configured setting will appear in
    the screen except when the flash setting is OFF.

  • The configured setting will appear in the screen.

  • *Flash exposure compensation may not work outside the flash range.
    Flash range is approx. from 20 cm to 3.0 m from the front of the lens (at ISO AUTO).

For the details on the flash, see the following FAQ.


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