[Question] Let me know about the [Pre-AF].

When the [Pre-AF] feature is enabled, the camera will do preliminary works on focus, corresponding with changes on the subject, even if you will not yet press the shutter release half way.
The Pre-AF feature will perform when camera finds a movement of the subject, which will make focusing speed with the half-press faster, then which allows you to take a picture faster.

The Pre-AF feature is available in the following; in the Shooting menu - [Pre-AF].

The Shooting menu - [Pre-AF] ON

The Pre-AF feature is available when the [Focus] is set to either [Multi AF] or [Spot AF].

Pre-AF is available at [Multi AF] or [Spot AF]

For the operations on the Shooting menu, see the FAQ below.


  • The Pre -AF is not available when the focus mode is set to either [MF], [Snap] or [infinity ∞].
  • If the Pre-AF is [ON], the battery power will be decreased faster than if [OFF].


  • Scanning range with the Pre-AF will become narrower than those with the normal AF.

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