[Question] How to use the [Skew Correction].

This feature allows to create a copy that has been processed to reduce the effect of perspective on rectangular objects, such as message boards or business cards, that were shot at an angle, in order to make it look as if they were shot straight on.

To make the skew correction, display the still image that you want to correct, and then go to [Skew Correction] in the Playback menu.
See below for Playback menu operations.
Details on the Playback menu.

When [Skew Correction] is selected, the “processing…” message will be displayed and the area detected by the camera for skew correction is displayed with an orange frame.
Skew correction is displayed with an orange frame
To select another correction area, press Right to move the orange frame to the desired area. Up to 5 correction areas can be displayed in orange frames.
Skew correction is displayed with an orange frame
To exit this frame selection without correction, press Up

Press the [MENU/OK] button when the desired area frame is displayed. The “Correcting now …” message appears and the corrected image is recorded. The original image is also retained.
After skew correction

Skew correction is only available for captured images with this camera.
Skew correction is not available for movies, still images with S-Cont or M-Cont modes.
For the RAW mode, skew correction is applied only to the JPEG file that is created along with the DNG file.
The image size does not change for skew corrected images.
If the image size is large, skew correction will take time. Resize (reduce) the original image in advance to speed up the process.
The approximate times required for skew correction are shown below.
Image size Time (approx.)
3648 × 2736 21 sec.
3264 × 2448 17 sec.
2592 × 1944 12 sec.
2048 × 1536 8 sec.
1280 × 960 5 sec.
640 × 480 2 sec.
Skew correction can also be performed during shooting (Skew Correct Mode in the SCENE mode).


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