[Question] What are SCENE modes?

Scene modes allow you to shoot movies, Text, or record skew-corrected.


[Dynamic Range]
Choose for natural contrast when photographing subjects that are partly in the shade on a sunny day and other high-contrast scenes. A tripod is required; results are not guaranteed with subjects that are in motion.

Skew Correct Mode

[Skew Correct Mode]
Reduce the effects of perspective when photographing rectangular objects, such as message boards or business cards.
Skew Correct Mode
In Skew Correct mode, you can select [N1280] or [N640] in [Picture Quality/Size].

Text Mode

[Text Mode]
Make black-and-white photographs of text or drawings on a white board. You can change the text density. The image size is selectable from either [3648 x 2736] or [2048 x 1536].


Shoot movies with sound.

The procedures for selecting a Scene mode are shown below.

1 Turn the mode dial to [SCENE].
The camera is ready to shoot and the currently selected scene mode is displayed at the top of the picture display.

1 Turn the mode dial to [SCENE].

2 Press the [MENU/OK] button.
The scene mode selection screen appears.

2 Press the [MENU/OK] button.

3 Press Up or Down to select the desired scene mode, and press the [MENU/OK] button.
3 Press up or down to select the desired scene mode, and press the [MENU/OK] button.
The selected scene mode appears at the top of the picture display.

* [Using the menus]
To access the Shooting and Setup menus in SCENE mode, press the [MENU/OK] button in the Shooting mode and press Left to select the mode tab. Then, press Down once to select the Shooting menu tab, twice to select the Key Custom Options tab, and three times to select the Setup menu tab.
(The Shooting menu screen is shown below.)

Using the menus
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