[Question] Setting image quality and color (Image Settings).

The GR DIGITAL III allows you to control picture quality by changing vividness (color depth), contrast, sharpness, and color.

(A symbol is displayed on the screen if anything other than [Standard] has been selected.)

Option Screen display Description
Vivid Vivid Take strong and vivid photos with heightened contrast and sharpness and maximum vividness.
Standard Normal Shooting mode screen (no symbol displayed) Normal contrast, sharpness, and vividness.
Black & White Black & White Take photos in black and white. Contrast and sharpness can be adjusted manually in five levels.
B & W (TE) *1 B & W (TE) Create monochrome photos with a sepia, red, green, blue or purple tint for the toning effect. In addition, vividness, contrast, and sharpness can be adjusted manually in five levels.
Setting 1 Setting 1 You can set the original image quality by adjusting [Vividness], [Contrast], [Sharpness] and [Colors]. [Vividness], [Contrast] and [Sharpness] can each be adjusted in five levels. In [Colors], there are options for [Hue] and [Vividness], and each of them can be adjusted with [Orange], [Greens], [Blues], [Reds] and [Magenta]. These color settings also have five levels.
Setting 2 Setting 2
  • *1 [TE] : "Toning Effect".

  • * Contrast has no effect in [Dynamic Range Double shot] mode.

The procedures for changing Image settings are shown below.

1 Press the [MENU/OK] button in a Shooting mode.
1 Press the [MENU/OK] button in a Shooting mode.
The shooting menu appears. In the SCENE mode select the [MODE] tab by pressing Left. Then press Down once to display the Shooting menu.
The shooting menu appears.

2 Press Down or Up to select [Image Settings], and then press Right.
2 Press down or up to select [Image Settings], and then press right.

3 Press Down or Up to select an option.

4 Press the [MENU/OK] button. Or, press Left and then press the [MENU/OK] button. The selected option is fixed and the screen returns to the shooting screen.

If [Black & White], [B & W (TE)], [Setting 1] or [Setting 2] has been selected in step 3, individual adjustments are available. The procedures for these settings are shown below.

Image settings can be changed by pressing the ADJ lever if [Image Settings] has been assigned to the ADJ. lever.

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