[Question] About the A mode (A: Aperture Priority mode).

Turning the mode dial to [A] (Aperture Priority mode) allows to adjust the aperture value manually.
When you set the aperture, the camera automatically selects the appropriate shutter speed for that aperture.
You can select the aperture value in14 steps from F1.9 to F9.0.(F8.0 ~ F11 displays in the Auto shooting mode : Being controlled with the combinations of exposure and ND filter.)

* Aperture
  Select a low aperture value (open aperture) to emphasize the main subject by blurring background. Selecting a higher aperture value (close aperture) brings both the background and main subject into focus.

Operating procedure

The procedures for setting the aperture are shown below.

  1. 1. Turn the mode dial to [A].

    A: Aperture Priority mode

  2. 2. Rotate the Up-down dial to select an aperture value.

    Up-down dial

    The aperture and shutter speed combination appears for about 10 seconds. During this period you can adjust the setting with the Up-down dial.

  3. 3. Press the shutter release button halfway down. The shutter speed is selected and displayed on the screen.

    Press the shutter release button halfway

  4. 4. Gently press the shutter release button the rest of the way down to shoot.
  5. [Auto Aperture Shift] option: If the [Auto Aperture Shift] is On, the camera will adjust aperture automatically for optimal exposure. This option is located in the Shooting menu, and available only in the [A] mode.


    • Shooting with aperture open (low F-number) in very bright conditions may result in overexposure, because the camera will not be able to shoot at a shutter speed faster than 1/2000 second. And when you press the shutter release button halfway, the "!AE" warning is displayed in the screen. Close aperture in these circumstances.


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