[Question] Let me know about the Dynamic Range Double shot.

'The dynamic range' of digital cameras refers to the range of brightness that can be processed by the cameras.

With Dynamic Range Double shot, two consecutive pictures are taken with different exposures and then the areas with the appropriate exposure are combined together.

Images below are simulated.

Dynamic Range Double shot : simulated images

When you shoot a scene with high contrast, such as both a sunlight area and a shade area, the bright areas will be over exposure, and the image may not look natural. This is because the range of brightness that can be processed by the camera is narrower than that of the human eye.
With the Dynamic Range Double shot, the scene is reproduced with a smooth transition from the bright areas to the dark areas, allowing you to capture a more natural-looking image.

Be sure to use a tripod for the Dynamic Range Double shot, since this mode uses a longer shooting time than other modes. The Camera shake warning is always displayed.
Camera Shake warning

Even if you use a tripod, camera may move when you press the shutter release button. In such a case, we would recommend using the self-timer feature, or a cable switch (CA-1, optional).
    • The RAW mode is unavailable in the [Picture Quality / Size]
    • The digital zoom is disabled
    • The flash cannot be used
    • The Dynamic Range Double shot may not be effective if the shooting location is overly bright or dark.
    • When shooting a fast-moving subject, the subject may be distorted in the recorded image.
    • If you take a picture under fluorescent lights, due to flickering, color or brightness may not be recorded properly
    • In this mode, manual operations for shutter speed and aperture will not be available.

Operating procedure

The Dynamic Range Double shot is in the SCENE mode.
  • 1.Turn the mode dial to the [SCENE].
  • The option currently selected for SCENE mode appears in the top of the picture display.
  • Mode dial : SCENE

  • 2.Press the [MENU/OK] button. A menu of scene mode options will be displayed.
  • Press the [Menu/OK] button

  • 3.Press the upper arrow button or the down arrow button to choose the [Dynamic Range Mode] to press [MENU/OK] button.
  • Choose the [Dynamic Range Mode]
  • The [DR] icon will appear in the top of the picture display.

  • 4.Mount a camera to a tripod.
  • Press the shutter release button halfway. The camera focuses on the subject to fix the exposure and white balance.
  • Press the shutter release button halfway.
  • Gently press the shutter release button all the way.
  • Two consecutive pictures are captured and save the single image that is combined.

* The [Plus Normal Shooting] option is available.
If you choose this option, two images are recorded, one with enhanced dynamic range, and the other with normal shooting.
[Plus Normal Shooting]
image with enhanced dynamic range (in left) and image with normal shooting (in right) ; images are simulated.

* The [Dynamic Range expansion] option is available.
The stronger the expansion effect, the wider the range of brightness that can be processed by the camera.

For the details on the [Plus Normal Shooting] or the [Dynamic
Range expansion], see the following FAQ.

What is a dynamic range expansion effect ?


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