[Question] Does the GR DIGITAL III has the optical viewfinder ?

No, there is no optical viewfinder in the GR DIGITAL III.

But the following optional viewfinders are available. You can attach an external viewfinder in the hotshoe that is located above the lens.

The following figure shows a camera with the external viewfinder (GV-1).

a camera with the GV-1

External viewfinder : GV-1

This is the optical viewfinder for checking composition in 28/21 mm. It is attachable to the hot shoe and has the two frames that are equivalent to 28 mm and 21 mm (on 35 mm filmcameras). The 21 mm frame will be useful when the wide conversion lens is attached.

[Let me know about the GV-1, an optical external viewfinder.]

Mini external viewfinder : GV-2

This is the optical viewfinder for checking composition in 28 mm. The four protrusions on the inner side of the 28 mm frame indicates the aspect ratio of 1:1 (35 mm filmcameras equivalent).

[Let me know about the GV-2, a mini external viewfinder.]

The shooting information, such as an exposure value, a shutter speed, will not display in the above viewfinders.

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