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[Question] Date setting seems to have been lost after the battery change.

If the battery are removed from the camera and leave it for a long period of time, when it turns the camera power on at the next time, the date setting may be lost.

The date maintain time is configured in digital cameras. Some periods of time have been passed, the date setting will be lost automatically. In the case, set again the date and time setting in the camera.

The date maintain time is as follows.

Model Date maintain time
CX6, RICOH PX, CX5, CX4, CX3, GXR, CX2, GR DIGITAL III, CX1, RICOH R10, GX200, R8, GR DIGITAL II, Caplio R7, Caplio GX100, Caplio R6, Caplio R5, Caplio 500SE, Caplio 500Gwide, Caplio R4, Caplio R30, GR DIGITAL, Caplio R3, Caplio GX8, Caplio R2, Caplio R1V, CaplioR1 Approx. 1 week
Caplio GX, Caplio RX, Caplio G4, Caplio G4 wide, Caplio 400Gwide, Caplio G3, Caplio 300G, Caplio RR30 Approx. 2 weeks

In order to keep the date maintain time in the camera, set the battery for more than 2 hours in the camera, especially just after the purchase (at the first time when you load the battery in the camera).

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Date created: October 8, 2009
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