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[Question] About the Setup menu operations.

In order to configure respective camera setting options, go to the Setup menu. The Setup menu is available from the Shooting menu or the Playback menu.

The items that can be set for each Setup menu option are shown below.

[Options in the Setup menu]

Setup menu options

  • *The default setting varies depending on where you purchased the camera.



    • In the Easy shooting mode, the available setup options differ from other shooting modes (in the quantity and order of the items in the setup menu). The contents of the settings are the same as other modes.
    • The items that can be set with [Set Fn Button] and [ADJ Button Setting 1/2/3/4] differ depending on the shooting mode. See the FAQ below for the details.
    • [How do I assign functions to the [ADJ./OK] button?]
Press the [MENU] button.
  Press the [MENU] button.
The [Shooting] menu or the [Playback] menu will appear.
  Example of the Shooting menu
The [Shooting] menu example
  Example of the Setup menu
The [Playback] menu example

Press the [ADJ./OK] button toLeft
  Press the [ADJ./OK] button to the left.
  With the [SCENE mode] or [Continuous mode], press the [ADJ./OK] button either to Up-down Right-left to choose the [MODE] tab. And press Down twice, then the Setup menu will appear.
For the details on the SCENE mode or the Continuous mode operations, see the links below.

3   Press the [ADJ./OK] buttonDown
to choose the Setup tab (the red marked symbol in the figure below).
  Setup tab
4   Pressing the [ADJ./OK] button Right , and then press to Up or down to choose an option. Pressing to Down in the last item in the current screen will show the next setting screen.
With selected an item in the setup menu, pressing the [DISP.] button will return to the screen above (the step 3).

Press the [ADJ./OK] button Right, then it shows options in the selected item. The below figure is the example of the Volume Settings selected.
  Example of Volume Settings

6   Press the [ADJ./OK] button toUp or downto choose a setting option.

Press the [MENU] button. Or press to Left and press the [MENU/OK] button. The selected option is fixed and the screen returns to the shooting screen, or the playback screen.
Or some setting menu will return to the Setup menu. In this case, press the [MENU] button or [ADJ./OK] button once again, then it will return to the shooting screen or the playback screen.

Selecting method of an option may vary depending on feature.

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