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[Question] What is the [High Contrast B&W] in the SCENE mode ?

This mode will be for taking a higher contrast B&W picture than those in normal B&W mode. It will produces grainy images similar to those taken with highly sensitive film or high grain film developing.

High cotrast sample
High contrast B&W example

With Normal mode

With B&W mode in the Image Settings

Example for Normal mode (left), and B&W mode in the Image Settings (right)

The High contrast B&W option is located in the SCENE mode.
SCENE > Hight Contrast B&W
For the SCENE mode operations, see the FAQ below.
Let me know about the Scene mode.

    • With this mode, the camera takes a single image only. A normal B&W picture or a normal color picture are not recorded at the same time.

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Date created:August 20, 2009
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