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[Question] Is face recognition feature available ?


There is the [Portrait] mode in the SCENE mode.

With this mode, the camera will automatically detect a face(s) who face the front to the camera, and adjust the focus, exposure, and white balance with emphasizing on the detected face, and take a picture.

If the subject is not in the center of the frame, or if there are several faces, the camera will capture with an optimized conditions.

The Portrait mode oprations are as follows.

  1. 1Turn the mode dial to the [SCENE] mode.
    The camera is ready to shoot and the selected SCENE mode is displayed at the top of the screen.

    Turn the mode dial to the [SCENE] mode.

  2. 2Press the [MENU/OK] button. The SCENE mode selection screen will appear.

    Press the [MENU/OK] button.

  3. 3Press the [ADJ./OK] button Up or down Left or right to select [Face], and then press the [ADJ./OK] button. The symbol for the face mode is displayed at the opt of the picture display.

    Press the [ADJ./OK] button to select [Face], and then press [ADJ./OK] button.

    Scene mode selection

  4. 4Compose your picture.
    If a face is recognized, it appears a blue frame in the size that the camera detects the face.

    The simulated image that the face is recognized.

    (The above picture is not the actual screen shot. This is the simulated image to make being easy to understand about the feature.)

    • *Up to 8 frames can be displayed.
  5. 5Press the shutter release button half-way.

    Press the shutter release button half-way.

      • Even if several faces are recognized, the camera selects the optimal focus. When a recognized face is focused, the frame for that face is displayed in green. If the camera cannot focus on a recognized face, the frame for that face will disappear.
      • The exposure and white balance is fixed.
  6. 6Gently press the shutter release button all the way.


The camera may not be able to recognized faces in the following cases:

  • When the face is side-view, tilted, or moving
  • When the camera is tilted or upside down (the shutter release button is facing down)
  • When part of the face is hidden
  • When the face is not clearly visible because of dark surruoundings
  • When the subject is too far away (Make sure that the face appearing in the picture display is vertically longer than 1 block marked by the 3 x 3 grid guide.
  • When the face is at the edge of the picture display
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Date created: October 8, 2009
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Product: CX2
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