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[Question] What is ISO sensitivity?

ISO sensitivity indicates how sensitive film is to light. A greater value means higher sensitivity. High sensitivity is suitable for shooting an object in a dark place or a fast-moving object while minimizing blurring.

You can select from the following ISO settings.
Auto, Auto-Hi, ISO 80, ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, and ISO 1600.

When ISO setting is set to [Auto], the camera automatically changes the sensitivity according to the distance, brightness, zoom, macro settings, and picture quality/size. Usually, use the camera in the [Auto] mode.
When the ISO setting is set to [Auto-Hi] (auto high sensitivity), the sensitivity is automatically set according to the shooting conditions, but a higher upper limit than in [Auto] can be set. When shooting a dark subject, the shutter speed set in [Auto-Hi] is faster than in [Auto], which may reduce camera shake or blurring of the subject. The maximum ISO setting for [Auto-Hi] is specified in the setup menu.
If you do not want to allow the camera to change the ISO sensitivity, select an ISO setting other than [Auto] or [Auto-Hi].

You can change the settings from the shooting menu or using the [ADJ./OK] button.
See the FAQ below for the Shooting menu operations.

About the Shooting menu operations.

This section explains easy ways to change the setting with the [ADJ./OK] button.

  • 1Turn the mode dial to a shooting mode.
  • 1 Turn the mode dial to shooting mode.

  • 2Press the [ADJ./OK] button.
  • 2 Press the [ADJ./OK] button.

  • 3Press the [ADJ./OK] buttonLeft Right until the ISO sensitivity menu appears.
  • 3 Press the [ADJ./OK] button to the right and left until the ISO sensitivity menu appears.

  • 4Press the [ADJ./OK] button Up Down to select the setting.

  • 5Press the [ADJ./OK] button.
  • 5 Press the [ADJ./OK] button.
  • The display returns to the shooting screen, and the setting appears on the picture display.
  • When the ISO setting is set to [Auto], the maximum sensitivity is equivalent to ISO 800 if the flash is used.
    When the ISO setting is [Auto] and the flash is not fired, the ISO setting varies between 80 and 200.
  • Images shot with a higher sensitivity may appear grainy.
  • When the ISO sensitivity is set to [Auto] or [Auto-Hi], the ISO sensitivity that displays when half-pressing the shutter release button may differ from the actual ISO sensitivity in some cases (when using the flash, etc.).

There was an error in ISO sensitivity value with flash usage in some booklet of the camera user guide. We correct it as below.

page 129 (in the English version) :
  • *When the ISO setting is set to [Auto], the maximum sensitivity is equivalent toISO 800 if the flash is used.

The corrected version is available in the manual download site.
[CX2 manual PDF downloads]

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Date created: September 4, 2009
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