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[Question] Details on the specification of the CA-1 (Cable switch).

It is an electronic cable release. Which is useful for avoiding blur, such as camera shake at macro shooting, or at long time exposure.

Dimensions of the cable switch body 84 mm x 24 mm x 19 mm
Weight Approx. 34 g (excluding the battery)
Cable length Approx. 60 cm
Battery source AAA battery (included)
Shooting capacity * Alkaline battery : Approx. 8,000 number of times (shutter releases)
Manganese battery : Approx. 3,000 number of times (shutter releases)
  • * The number on shooting capacity is under Ricoh's own test conditions. The actual numbers will greatly vary depending on the battery manufacturer or the shooting conditions.

  • * The example of connection with the Caplio GX8.

See the Options site for compatible models.

Answer ID: EDC0920_ca1
Date created: August 20, 2009
Date modified: --
Product: CX2
Operating system: --
Category: Hardware specifications
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