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[Question] How do I playback images that have been assigned to [Flag Function Setting]?

You can display an assigned image during playback by pressing the Fn (Function) button. You can also display an assigned image by selecting [Flag Function Display] on the playback menu. The simple procedures for displaying an assigned image during playback by pressing the Fn (Function) button are displayed below.

1 Press the playback button.
  Press the playback button.
2 Press the Fn (Function) button.
  Press the Fn (Function) button.
3 The assigned file with the lowest file number appears.
  The assigned file with the lowest file number appears.
You can enlarge or reduce still images with the zoom lever. You can also move the enlarged area by pushing the [ADJ./OK] button Up DownLeft Right. The magnification level and enlarged area are saved, and the enlarged image will be displayed with the same settings the next time that it is accessed.
If you press the shutter release button or playback button at this point, the camera will go into a shooting mode.
If no file has been assigned to [Flag Function Setting], a message is displayed and the display returns to the playback menu. See the FAQ below for information on how to assign a file to [Flag Function Setting].
Let me know about the Flag function setting.
4 Press the Fn (Function button) as required.
If multiple files have been assigned to [Flag Function Setting], press the Fn (Function) button to display the files in ascending order of their file number.
When an assigned file is displayed at normal magnification, pressing the [ADJ./OK] button Up DownLeft Right displays the previous or next image.

Answer ID: EDC09037
Date created: July 9, 2009
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Product: CX1
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Category: Hardware Operations

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