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[Question] Let me know about the focusing modes.

There are six focusing modes.

Available Focusing Modes
Symbol Mode Description
None Multi AF Measures the distances from 9 AF areas and focuses on the nearest AF area. This prevents the center of the picture display from becoming out of focus, and enables you to shoot with a minimum number of out-of-focus pictures.
None Spot AF Selects one AF area at the center of the picture display to allow the camera to focus on this area automatically.
Multi-trgt AF Multi-trgt AF Takes 7 consecutive pictures while shifting the focus to multiple positions.
MF (Manual Focus) MF (Manual Focus) Enables you to adjust the focus manually.
Snap Snap Fixes the shooting distance to a short distance (approx.2.5m).
∞(Infinity) ∞(Infinity) Fixed the shooting distance to infinity. Infinity is useful for shooting distant scenes.
  • The default focusing mode is Multi AF.
  • If you use the digital zoom when [Multi AF] has been set as the focusing mode, the focusing will operate in [Spot AF].

The procedures for changing the focusing mode are shown below.

1 Turn the mode dial to a shooting mode.
Turn the mode dial to a shooting mode.

2 Press the [MENU] button to display the shooting menu.
Press the [MENU] button to display the shooting menu.

3 Press the [ADJ./OK] buttonDown to select [Focus], and then press the button Right .
Press the [ADJ./OK] button
select [Focus]

4 Press the [ADJ./OK] button Up Down to select the desired setting.
5 Press the [ADJ./OK] button.
If you select a setting other than [Multi AF] or [Spot AF], the symbol appears on the screen.

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Date created: July 9, 2009
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