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[Question] What is the Easy shooting mode?

Turning the mode dial to EASY limits the shooting functions whose settings can be changed and allows you to shoot with easy operations and without having to make any complicated settings. With this mode, first-time users can comfortably use the camera without worrying about the settings. It is also useful when asking someone to take your picture while on vacation.

1 Turn the mode dial to EASY.

Turn the mode dial to EASY.

2 Press the shutter release button to shoot the picture.

The shooting menu can only be used to set [Picture Quality/Size]. The other shooting menu items are fixed at their default settings, except for [ISO Setting] which is fixed at [Auto] or [Auto-Hi] depending on the flash mode.
When you turn the mode dial to EASY, the quantity and order of the items in the setup menu are different from other shooting modes. The contents of the settings are the same as other modes.
Flash, macro, and self-timer settings that have been changed in other shooting modes return to their default settings when Easy shooting mode is selected.
When you shoot a subject at close range, the camera automatically switches to Macro mode. The minimum shooting distance and shooting range when using the zoom in macro mode are shown below.
Zoom Position Focal Length *1 Minimum Shooting Distance
(from the front of the lens)
Shooting Range
Wide-angle Approx. 28 mm Approx. 3 cm Approx. 49 x 37 mm
Telephoto Approx. 200 mm Approx. 25 cm Approx. 62 x 47 mm
(when digital zoom
is not used)
Approx. 960 mm Approx. 25 cm Approx. 12.9 x 9.7 mm
(when 4.8x digital zoom
is used)

  • *1 : Equivalent to that on 35 mm film cameras

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