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[Question] I'd like to know the details about an optional mini-external viewfinder. Is there any information about the GV-2?

The GV-2 is the viewfinder specially for the GR DIGITAL II / GR DIGITAL, that is for checking composition in 28 mm. The four protrusions on the inner side of the 28 mm frame indicates the vertial/horizontal ratio of 1:1 (35 mm camera equvalent).

Main Specifications:

Items Specifications
Lens name 28mm mini external viewfinder (value for 35 mm cameras)
Lens type Alberta type inverse-Galileo lens
Optical view finder (with 5 lenses)
Finder magnification 0.50
Rate of view approx. 85% (The aspect ratio of 3:2, 3m)
Dioptric Finder image - 0.52D
Eye point From the final face of the eye point lens: 13 mm
From the rear end of the lens frame: 11.6 mm
Pupil diameter: 1.5 mm

For mounting instructions, please consult the GV-2 User's manual that come with the GV-2.
For cautions, or care of the camera, please consult the GV-2 User's manual and the camera user guide.

[Using with the GH-1 (hood & adapter) or with the GW-1 (wide conversion lens) ]
You may see vignetting below through the viewfinder, it will not affect a captured image.


  • You cannot use the external viewfinder with an external flash at one time.
  • Please use framing with it only as a guide. Since a framing with the optional viewfinder will be taken an image with a little larger range in the left, upper, and bottom side.
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