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[Question] Note for usage of an external flash

The GR DIGITAL II has the hot shoe, you can use an external flash available in the market. Regarding the recommended flash, please see this FAQ.

EDCG07028: Is there any recommended external flash for the GR DIGITAL II?

If you want to use the other external flash (non-recommended flash), see the camera user guide, page 228 for instructions.


  • If you want to use a commercially-available external flash that is not listed in recommended flashes (page 227), please confirm the flash specification meets the following.
    • It must not have a signal terminal other than an X contact.
    • The polarity of the X contact must be positive (+).
    • The voltage of the X contact must not exceed 20V.
  • You cannot use the internal flash when an external flash is attached. It can cause injury or damage.
  • Regardless of a flash setting, a flash ON signal is output to the X contact of the hot shoe. To stop an external flash, use a switch on the flash.
  • Exposure may not be appropriate even when the aperture value and ISO sensitivity of the external flash are the same as those of the flash. If so, change an aperture value and ISO sensitivity of the flash.
  • Use an external flash with a lighting angle that covers the angle of view of the lens.
  • Shooting at a short distance with an external flash may result in overexposure. Ue an external flash basically at a distance where the internal flash will not cover (long distance).
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