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[Question] Can I change a size of an image in a camera?

You can reduce an image size of a picture that you have taken to save as another file with a different size.
The following chart shows image sizes that you can reduce.

F3264 / F3:2 / N3264 / N2592 / N2048
N1280 / N640

You cannot reduce a size for the following cases; a still image with a voice memo, a movie, and a still image in the RAW mode (RAW3264/RAW3:2).
A image in F3:2 is in 3:2 in horizontal to vertical ratio. If you resize the image in F3:2, the reduced image will be created in 4:3 with black borders at the top and bottom of the image.

For a resize setting, consult the Camera User Guide in
[Changing the Image Size] in page 118.
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