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[Question] What can I do to increase the life of batteries?

Please try the following tips if necessary.

1) Change the display mode in Synchro-Monitor mode (LCD off)

  • This mode keeps the LCD off except when a camera is operated.
    For changing the display mode, consult the Camera User Guide in [Changing the Display]

2) Use Quick Review button to check the picture

  • By using this button, you can decrease the number of times to change to the playback mode.
    For the details on the Quick Review button, consult the Camera User Guide in [Checking the image you just took] in page 48.

3) Change the Auto power-off setting

  • If you set the Auto power-off disabled, or a long time, changing this setting will save battery power.
    For changing the Auto power-off setting, consult the Camera User Guide in [Changing Auto Power-Off Settings] in page 128.
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